Free Software Downloads to Protect Your Computer


Best Free Software for Protecting Your PC and Your Privacy

There are so many things that can infect our computers without us even knowing. Viruses and spyware programs infect our computers sometimes daily, without our knowledge and can stay undetected until the computer “crashes”. Protecting your computer is vital. However, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to protect your computer. As a matter of fact, these three programs will protect your computer 100% free! These are top rated software programs and provide superior protection entirely FREE!
My first top recommended product is one that is even recommended by Google! It is called Ad-Aware.

Ad-Aware is a great program. It is not active, you do have to manually open it and scan your computer, but it is well worth it. This program has picked up over 1,000 spyware programs on my computer since I downloaded it! You would be surprised how many of these programs and Trojans are downloaded in your computer everyday. I would recommend running this program at least once a week, but you can do it as often as you feel necessary. You will be promoted every 15 days to check for new updates upon opening the program. this insures that your definition file is always up to date searching for the most current spyware and adware programs. You will truly love this product. It is my favorite! Read the full report: hacking cell phones

To download Ad-Aware simply click this link:

My second recommendation is for Advanced WindowsCare.

Advanced WindowsCare is another amazing program that protects your computer in a wide array of options. Unlike Ad-Aware, Advanced WindowsCare gives you the option of scanning your computer for: security defense, registry scan, system analysis, start up scan, privacy sweep, and temporary files scan! Now i don’t use all of these, you can customize which areas you would like to have scan on your computer. for example, I personally do not use the start up scan, because it stops the programs that start up normally when you start your computer, which I like the programs that automatically start when my computer starts.

If you have windows, this in my opinion is a must have. Why not give it a try – IT’S FREE. To download Advanced WindowsCare, just click this link:

My third and final highly recommended download is called AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition.

AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition is another wonderful product, highly effective in protecting you computer. This program is live, which means it is always running in the back round to ward off attacks of viruses. You also can customize this program to schedule full scans whenever you want. i personally have mine set for about 3am, so it never disturbs my on line time. You know how slow things can run when you are scanning for viruses!

I love this program because it does the same thing as Norton Anti Virus without the cost. You can always upgrade this, and pay around $60 dollars, but honestly, although I am a novice here, I am very pleased with it’s performance. I have not had any viruses since downloading this computer program. Yes, spyware and Trojans get trough, but that’s what the other two free programs mentioned above handle.

If you would like to download this computer program click here:

All of these programs are 100% FREE. they are not trials that expire, they are yours for the taking, as long as your using it for personal use. I suggest you download all three, beings they are completely free. Each one is from the original manufacturer, so you are not downloading off a non verified or trusted site. You can use them all in conjunction with whatever programs you may have on your computer now. And all three of these programs are easily removed. None of these companies download “extras” into your computer either. You get what you want, nothing else!¬†Continue reading this:¬†hacking cell phones

In addition, you can read reviews of these programs on a trusted site like You can even search for, and download them from there. But i would not recommend downloading these computer programs from any other source then or the links given.

Now start downloading. You will be amazed at all the junk these programs can remove!