Top 10 Hacking Apps For Cell Phones

A cell phone is one of the magnificent inventions of the last century.

Even since its first launch, the device has evolved by leaps and bounds.

The ability of these devices to hold large chunks of data and the nature of communication protocols as well as systems can make a user quite anonymous – not anymore.

Let us take a look at the top 10 apps to hack a phone.

These apps would be the perfect answer to – how to hack someone’s phone.

Given the nature of activities a hacking app would do, you wouldn’t be able to find them in Google PlayStore due to the restrictions Google imposes on an app’s functionality and the developer’s creativity.

However, you can very well find them from other sources.

1. Zanti APK:

Zanti APK is a very popular hacking app that was available even on Google PlayStore a few days back.

It offers an array of features such as MAC address spoofing, man in the middle attack (MIMT), session hijacking, vulnerability checking, Network scanning, SSL strips, and password auditing.

2. Copy9:

If you are looking to hack via a smartphone Copy9 is a good option.

This Android spy app allows you to launch SQL injection attacks on a target URL.

As it is fully automated, you don’t need much technical knowledge to operate this application.

3. dSploit:

dSploit is another penetration testing suite that will let you know how to hack into someone’s phone.

It features several modules that are capable to perform network security assessments on wireless networks.

Using this app you can perform tasks such as network mapping, password cracking, vulnerability scanning, Man-In-The-Middle attacks and much more.

4. WPA WPS Tester:

WPS WPA Tester is yet an Android app to find out whether an Access Point is vulnerable at the WPS protocol.

Using WPS WPA Tester you determine whether the Wi-Fi that one is connected is secure or not.

If insecure, the network has a chink in the armor.

5. Android Phone Hacker:

This simple app is a battle-hardened hacker that demonstrates the easiest way on how to hack into someone’s phone.

This app can read text messages and file manager (videos, images, and files) on the target phone.

What more, it also can control the camera and mic of that Android smartphone.

6. MxSpy:

This one is for the geeks and is quite different from other hacking apps.

This application can be installed on a windows or Linux computer and can be used to analyze and reverse engineer the Android apps.

This is especially helpful for folks who are more technology oriented.

7. AndroRAT:

This application lets us hack a phone and access it remotely.

The connection with the remote server can be triggered through simple methods such as a call or an SMS.

Using this app you can remotely get messages, call logs, contact list, GPS location, as well as take pictures, and make calls from the target phone.

8. Shark for root:

The Shark for root is an Android based traffic sniffer.

It can operate on data networks such as 3G as well as Wi-Fi and tethered mode.

It would generate dumps based on the information tracked.

However, you may need another application to review the contents of the network dump.

9. BackTrack:

Backtrack is a Linux based security tool that is primarily designed for forensic purposes.

BackTrack app provides easy access to a comprehensive and large collection of security tools such as port scanners.

10. 9SpyApps:

The 9SpyApps app is a good tool to hack the Wi-Fi network on a phone.

It can show the devices connected to the Wi-Fi network as well as the data transfer rates of each device.

The most interesting factor is that it can cut off the connectivity to any device that is connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Most of these hack tools require that the phone in which they are installed are rooted.

Now, if you are looking to hack into someone’s phone, you know which software to go to.